FM10 Windbreaker - Fanute
FM10 Windbreaker - Fanute
FM10 Windbreaker - Fanute

FM10 Windbreaker

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The Fanute FM 10 windbreaker incorporates all of the amazing features of a high quality windbreaker while delivering unique functionalities that makes it both a stylish and utilitarian item. It is the perfect combination of style, class and amazing aesthetics. Designed with the user in mind, our windbreakers are revolutionizing the way windbreakers are worn and positioning them as a fashion item suitable for everyday use.

  • Tightening toggle at waist band
  • Polyester fabric with water resistant coating
  • Fine mesh hood liner with a 3 panel hood
  • Gold Fanute logo with a lighter color for the white FW10 variant
  • Welt pocket with mesh pocket bags
  • And a wide range of other amazing features!